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Large Oak Frame (11x14)

What color matt would you like?
How many names do you want on the print? 1 or 2 names?
Please indicate for names - male or female?
1. Enter below, the name of the background print you prefer from (step 1).***** 2. Enter the name/s below you want on the print. (Put the name you want on the left side of the print first).***** 3. Enter your personalized message you want on the bottom of the print exactly how you want to see it. Caps,commas,dots,punct,etc. (up to 10 words - optional).-----Please separate your 3 answers with a comma.-----example: (rose with dove,john kathy,Love...Always)
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Large Frame Includes:

  1. Large Frame 11x14
  2. Matting ( choice of color- navy blue, marroon, or green)
  3. Names (up to 2 names) and personalized message.